Drinking Tea meditation

For duration of this drinking tea, forget the past and future, I understand You have lots of recurring memories from the past, and there are many worries of future and future plans. But only for this short period of time just assume there is no future and no past. Just you a cup of tea to drink and that's all. Get ready to sit for a longer period than usual. Sit in a comfortable position. Look around, observe what is going on around you. Look at the people, decoration, objects and overall feeling around you. Get a sense of your surroundings and your position in this whole. If thoughts or feeling comes up, only observe them shortly then label them as a thought or as a feeling and then return to your watching. If you find yourself lost with a thought it does not matter, let it be. Now that you know you are lost, simply return to y our observing. Continue watching till you feel good. Look at your table and then your tea. See what your tea consist of. And then again watch it as a whole. Be aware that you are gonna drink tea. Start it. Pay attention to each move that you do. When you move your hand, break the movement to parts. Turning, bringing forward, grabbing. After each part wait for a second and then do next part. When you are doing Thoughts may come and you may lose the present and your doings become unconscious. It does not matter, let it be. But when you find yourself lost in a thought. Just simply return to your doing. You may label what you do in your mind. Labelling in mind helps to keep the awareness. Label in the same time when you are doing it. Not before not after. When you bring the cup to your lips keep the tea in your mouth but do not swallow it. Put the cup back. put your hand down. Wait for a second. Then Pay attention to the taste of the tea in your mouth. Pay attention to its warmness. The swallow it down. Follow the liquid in your throat and feel it when it goes down. You can follow it as goes downer and downer towards your stomach. If something came up during your drinking meditation, someone asked a question or anything simply answer and resolve the issue then return to your meditation. Whenever you feel you need to look around find yourself, do it. There are no rules. Don't put pressure on you to keep attention, just you lose it simply return. Do not punish yourself. Just simply return.


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