❤ Miracles are natural expressions of total forgiveness. Through miracles, man accepts God’s forgiveness by extending it others.  The second step is inherent in the first because light cannot tolerate darkness.   معجزات بیان طبیعی ، شفای کامل هستند. از طریق معجزه، انسان شفای خداوند را میپذیرد و به دیگران میدهد. قسمت دوم در ذات قسمت اول است چون نور تاریکی را از میان میبرد. “Lord heal me” is the only legitimate prayer. This also means “Lord atone for me,” because the only thing man should pray for is forgiveness. He HAS everything else. نمیگم خدایا این ماجرا را درست کن !! این غلط است ، خدایا من را شفا بده تنها دعای مورد پذیرش است.  اوه من در حال ادراک همچین چیزی هستم ؟ خدایا مرا شفا بده. خداوند همه چیز داده است.  A prayer for forgiveness is nothing more than   A  request that we may be able to recognize something we already have . یک دعا ، برای شفا صرفا درخواستی برای ان است که بتوانیم انچه را داریم درک کنم.  Forgiveness is the healing of the perception of separation. Correct perception

Finding magnitude in littleness

Finding magnitude in littleness, means you have plans for your happiness in the way ego dictate. look at what it says. what it asks you to do. what it sees as your freedom and your happiness. let it go. stop it.  give it over. You accepted you or so little, you are a body and a mind in a body with limited power and now you should plan to save yourself, you must plan to keep this little and find greatness in what you think. I by myself know nothing. i by myself know not what is my salvation my happiness. My grievenaces is attack to god plan for salvation. for my happiness. my grivances is an active attack to god 's plan for my happiness. 


Healing is a thought. In healing, two minds understand their oneness and become glad. They understand they are one. Despite physical things, if you share an idea it does not become less. When someone sees himself as a sick, he indeed sees himself as incomplete ( not whole). If you see him as a whole, it corrects the perception of him and you bot h. What you extend you are. When you heal you remember laws of God and forgetting laws of ego. Your projection of mind is real to you. God did not create the body. The body is the symbol of what you think you are. The only mind is real because it can be share.

Reality is peaceful

If I don't feel peaceful it doesn't mean the reality is not peaceful, it means I can not see the reality, it means I made up something which is not real and substituted it with reality.  I made up illusions, consider them as reality and I feel fearful about them. If I am worried, anxious, sad, frightened, angry, it's because I have chosen to see the illusion instead of reality. When I have chosen to see Illusions instead of reality? By my thoughts. I gave meaning to my thoughts.


In the beginning, I got the help with a loud voice, it stated what  love is I am assured, I am safe. he will tell me when it is needed again. I don't show him the way. I step back and let him show me the way I am here to forgive to see the love in everything and everyone beyond the perception of everything I see know, there is another perception, a holy one. I let go of my perception, the little I know about everything .about you, about me, about the house about the cat, about the hand, the correct perception will come. I am here to love, not attack, not to defend.  I am here to lay aside all my ancient defences. I don't need them I don't need to avoid.  I don't need to be afraid to be fearful I don't need to shape. I need to trust. My only defence is trust. I trust the moment. Every instant is new, no connection to the previous one. every instant is new. With trust every instant is mine. I listen. The past will be corrected.  There is no time. My

I see nothing

I only see my judgement, I don't see the child in front of me , I only see my judgements I have about him. And my judgements are wrong, as I judge myself wrong and I judge him wrong. How can I judge him right when I judge myself wrong? What ever I see is my judgements, I can't see the pillar in front of me , I only can see my judgements about that pillar, I can see an object which is strong, thick, cold and some logical judgements of it. I can't see anything of this polar beyond my perceptions or what I have heard about it. I can't see truly what is there. I want to let go the judgements , so the true vision substitute, so I can see.

man plans god laughs!

Man plans god laughs! هر لحظه که تسلیمم در کارگه تقدیر آرامتر از آهو،بی باک تر از شیرم هر لحظه که می کوشم در کار کنم تدبیر رنج از پی رنج آید،زنجیر پی زنجیر... Whenever I am surrendered to the life and destiny I am more peaceful than deer and braver than a lion The moment I want to plan and figure it out Suffering starts, chain after chain.