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Prisoner I am

I am in a prison, going from one door to another, tapping to each door trying to find a way out. It looks if I only open the door in front of me, I will reach to freedom. I can clearly see the freedom behind the door.
When I finally open the door a new locked one appears out of nowhere. Thus I am always in the same situation as before, in the middle of the prison and the freedom looks just one door away.
So what? Is there any way out of this prison?
There is no way out, it is impossible to get out of the prison because it's a mind prison, it is designed in this way.  If I stop struggling to open the doors in front of me and be surrendered to what is, the vicious cycle of creating new doors will break. By surrendering, stop struggling I become aware that even the first locked door is a mind-made one. There is no lock, no door, and no prison. I am already out, free!
The prison is the attempt to get free. In the other words trying to get free is the prison itself. When you stop trying the…

A thought is not a just thought?

Why you say all of them happens in my mind, these thoughts are the thoughts about real things, something that actually has happened, so it is not just a thought. It's happened, yes in the past but it has happened and it was painful. Answer:
The mind produces a story about an old event from the past. The recreating is real, it's a real thought. The event itself is over in the past. But when you identify with the thought it seems it's happening again and brings the same bad feeling as it is happening now. A thought is just a thought in your mind, it is not the actual event. What makes you unhappy and brings you pain is not the actual event because the event is over.  What makes you unhappy is experiencing the past event in your mind again and again.  You assume that the thought in your mind is the event. Hamid: Yes its over and now it's a thought in my mind that's right but what about the effects, what has happened in the past has some consequences, you can't den…

Puppet of your mind.

She said: But I want to take my destiny into my own hands, I don't want to be surrendered, I want to change my future. I want to make my own future.

Answer: When you are not surrendered to what it is, you are resisting to what it is, you are not in the moment of now, you are either in the future or the past. Memories of past or illusion of future. You start to experience an illusional world in the past or future. Both are just thoughts that occur to you. And as you are not aware of those thoughts. You identify with the thought. You become the thought itself. It seems so real that you start to feel it really happens right now. You start to feel all tensions like you are there in the situation.

You are not aware of your surroundings anymore, you start to live an illusional world in your mind. This thought is an entry point of series of unlimited thoughts that they come one after another. They frighten you. They make you worried. Then you like a hypnotised person full of fear, start…

Stress is a cause for doing more?

I was talking with a friend, Misagh, he told me I understand your talks about  the thoughts and how they take over us, makes us worry, ruin our days and play with us, but don't you think these thoughts and stresses makes us to put more effort? To do more? Don't you think stress is necessary to move? Misagh! What is your utmost purpose of all your doings? Is not it reaching to the  happiness and peace?
You are looking for the illusion of the  happiness or the illusion of  peace, somewhere in future. You think if you reach to that point then you will feel good and secure, then everything will be fine and you will taste the peace of mind. Then you try more and you push yourself. You put yourself under pressure. You trade the moment of now, the very imidiate peace of now with the illusion of peace in future. You can be peaceful now, you can be happy right now but instead you don't see it. You start to gain more, add something to yourself to reach to a point which you think …