A thought is not a just thought?

Why you say all of them happens in my mind, these thoughts are the thoughts about real things, something that actually has happened, so it is not just a thought. It's happened, yes in the past but it has happened and it was painful.
The mind produces a story about an old event from the past. The recreating is real, it's a real thought. The event itself is over in the past. But when you identify with the thought it seems it's happening again and brings the same bad feeling as it is happening now.
A thought is just a thought in your mind, it is not the actual event. What makes you unhappy and brings you pain is not the actual event because the event is over.  What makes you unhappy is experiencing the past event in your mind again and again. 
You assume that the thought in your mind is the event.
Hamid: Yes its over and now it's a thought in my mind that's right but what about the effects, what has happened in the past has some consequences, you can't deny the consequences are gone. 
The consequences you are talking about is a mind made story. You expected something and something else has happened, and now you are resisting about what is now.
What is right now in front of you is real, all the other things are an illusion, your mind stories. Accept, see, observe what is right now in front of you. All others are mind made. Allllllllll.
Your mind created thousands of stories and each moment gives you one and makes you blind to what is. It makes you believe that now this moment must be in another way.
Now is now. It exactly as it is. Whatever is in your mind about how it must be is an illusion.
Accept now as it is, without any judgment without any pushing that it should be something else. As soon as you accept your eyes becomes open, you start to see.
If you don't believe, try it . Don't believe try it, even for few seconds try it. Close your eyes and say , the now is now. I accept what ever it is , in the way it is, without any judgment, or believe that it must be something else.
As soon as you accept it your eyes start to see, your start to see, instead of living in the past , you start to live the now.


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