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The thoughts seem real!

When a thought appears in mind in form of worry or fears it seems real. It seems it needs an immediate attention. The thought quickly occupies the mind and then we quickly feel its manifestation in our different areas of our body like our stomach or our chest.

But if pay attention,  a few days later the very same thought does not have the same power. Although the situation is the same, the thought has not the same power anymore. for example, if a fear appears in our mind in the evening. if we sleep on it the day after the fear has might gone completely or it is weaker.

A thought is powerless on its own. It simply gets power if you pay attention to it. Then it can carry you away from the moment of now! Then you feel upset!

When a new thought comes to our mind we take it very seriously.  It tells us that it is an important issue and we must take care of it or something bad will happen.  So it starts to put pressure on us and usually it also brings another thought with itself it adds to…

The Relationship And The Peace

If you don't have the peace in you, the love relationship like all other things in life is just another source of worries and suffering, jealousy, uncertainty, flaws in your partner and much more kinds of suffering.

 You are looking your peace in the relationship but it does not give you that. So, you try to change it, improve it, because you think the flaws in your partner or the deficiencies in the relationship is the source of your tension.  You find a flaw and you say to yourself only and only if it was like that, I could be in eternal peace and we could live happily ever after. 
Sometimes with marriage, a contract, you want to make it more certain, you think after the marriage then I will have the peace but after marriage still, you see that the peace is not there. You still suffer! Even more! You look for another thing to add to it, a child, a brilliant place to live and etc, you have the illusion that by adding something or improving it you will get the peace.
You are wron…

Now or never

Now  Or  Never

This time when a pain, a worry about future (fear), an irritating memory, or an agitating thought arises in your mind embrace it right away.
Welcome it and don't let it go. Don't push it away by making yourself busy with doing something else or by another thought. 
It's exactly the time to encounter, it's the moment of truth. You must face it now or it is gonna torture you all your life time. Not exactly this thought but very similar ones.

Face it!


➧First, surrender to the fact that there is a thought and it irritates you.
Perfect so it is there, the pain, the agitation, you can feel it with your body. Maybe in your chest stomach, head or anywhere in your body.

➧Second, accept that it is the way it must be, it is there exactly as the way it supposed to be. Is it pain full? Yes ? It's okay. Accept it with saying to yourself "oh there is a thought, it annoys me and it is so !"
➧Third, after embracing the painful thought, make yourself aware of th…

Live The Life Like A Newbie

Imagine two people playing a card game.
One is an experienced player, he knows what to do, he has his own approach to the game, he sits and intensely waits for the good hand. He wants to win the game, he waits for the high cards to bet a huge amount and win the game.
The other person is a newbie who just learned the game a few minutes ago and it is his first play ever! The first time he sits in the circle to play.
He is so curious about the game. He gets the cards and watches them carefully. He is not waiting to win. He is not expecting to win. He knows no one expects him to win! He is aware of this fact that he is there to learn now and not to win.
He watches his hand with curiously, he even does not know or hardly knows if he has a good hand or a bad hand. He observes the cards with wide eyes trying to understand. He looks at people with curiosity. He watches other players' faces. Everything is new for him. He has entered a realm of the unknown, he is discovering. He is so excited a…