The Relationship And The Peace

If you don't have the peace in you, the love relationship like all other things in life is just another source of worries and suffering, jealousy, uncertainty, flaws in your partner and much more kinds of suffering.

 You are looking your peace in the relationship but it does not give you that. So, you try to change it, improve it, because you think the flaws in your partner or the deficiencies in the relationship is the source of your tension.  You find a flaw and you say to yourself only and only if it was like that, I could be in eternal peace and we could live happily ever after. 

Sometimes with marriage, a contract, you want to make it more certain, you think after the marriage then I will have the peace but after marriage still, you see that the peace is not there. You still suffer! Even more! You look for another thing to add to it, a child, a brilliant place to live and etc, you have the illusion that by adding something or improving it you will get the peace.

You are wrong! You are looking in the wrong direction for the source of happiness.  Even the most brilliant relationship can't make you happy. It can make you excited for a short period of time and that's all.  

Source of peace is in within you. Deep inside you. And it's already there. you don't need to do anything, just be there and when you are there even a simple relationship is satisfying. It gives you joy.  You are not looking to improve it or making it more certain because the peace does not come from the relationship. It comes from you!  Now you are gonna have a good relationship!

Then people see that oh look!  He/she has a good relationship and because of that she/he is in peace, but the fact is the other way round, exactly the opposite.  The people who are in peace, enjoy a simple partner. 


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