Happiness does not depends on conditions

Happiness does not depend on conditions but whats happening in your mind.

Observing the following short clip is mind-blowing. Please watch the clip and keep your focus on the boy behaviour than anything else.
In few words, the boy is not sad. You as an observer may feel sad but he is not. The thoughts have not taken over him. He is in full acceptance of the conditions. You watch the clip and your conditioned mind creates sorrow. The boy mind is not conditioned and sees the real life. 

He does not ask, "why? why me? I wish I had legs I wish I was normal I wish... ". He does not compare himself to his sister. He wants to go up and he does it. His incredible performance in climbing comes from the complete surrender to the situation. 

What makes you happy or sad, is not the situation or condition you are in. It's about your thoughts. In every situation the thoughts will come, positive or negative they separate you from reality and change your mood. 

But how come that the boy is not overwhelmed by thoughts but we are.

Either the overwhelming amount of thoughts still has not started in his mind because of his age or the support and the love he has received conditioned his mind in a positive way. in both ways it is temporary.

The same boy in few years starts to compare himself with others, many thoughts will pass from his mind, and he will forget the real life, like every one of us. His mind will be conditioned in other ways and he will start to suffer. So? Is there any liberation? Yes and not just for him but any of us.

Turning away from the thoughts and finding our true nature.



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