The thoughts seem real!

When a thought appears in mind in form of worry or fears it seems real. It seems it needs an immediate attention. The thought quickly occupies the mind and then we quickly feel its manifestation in our different areas of our body like our stomach or our chest.

But if pay attention,  a few days later the very same thought does not have the same power. Although the situation is the same, the thought has not the same power anymore. for example, if a fear appears in our mind in the evening. if we sleep on it the day after the fear has might gone completely or it is weaker.

A thought is powerless on its own. It simply gets power if you pay attention to it. Then it can carry you away from the moment of now! Then you feel upset!

When a new thought comes to our mind we take it very seriously.  It tells us that it is an important issue and we must take care of it or something bad will happen.  So it starts to put pressure on us and usually it also brings another thought with itself it adds to the worries.

1. But why we take it so seriously? Why we put a lot of attention on it?

Because it looks real! When we are dreaming while sleeping, the dream seems so real! but only we know it when we wake up. We live the dream. it makes us upset, happy,...
We live the thought, it takes us to the situation, we see ourselves in that bad/good/worrisome situation. It creates an imaginary reality about something that does not exist.

2. How to deal with it ?!

If and only if we were aware that it is just a thought and although it seems a serious one, we quickly see it as a thought and also aware of the fact that it eventually will go away like any other thought or any other phenomenon in life. it quickly loses its power. It loses its realness. It becomes much less real. It is like spraying the light of awareness on a seemingly real dream.

The thought will probably arise again but, less irritating and each time you spray awareness on it washes away its colour of being real and becomes much more a thought than a real event.


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