Now or never

Now  Or  Never

This time when a pain, a worry about future (fear), an irritating memory, or an agitating thought arises in your mind embrace it right away.

Welcome it and don't let it go. Don't push it away by making yourself busy with doing something else or by another thought. 

It's exactly the time to encounter, it's the moment of truth. You must face it now or it is gonna torture you all your life time. Not exactly this thought but very similar ones.

Face it! 


➧First, surrender to the fact that there is a thought and it irritates you.
Perfect so it is there, the pain, the agitation, you can feel it with your body. Maybe in your chest stomach, head or anywhere in your body.

➧Second, accept that it is the way it must be, it is there exactly as the way it supposed to be. Is it pain full? Yes ? It's okay. Accept it with saying to yourself "oh there is a thought, it annoys me and it is so !"

➧Third, after embracing the painful thought, make yourself aware of this fact that it is a thought. An object in your consciousness. This thought doesn't mean anything. You are not the thought, the thought arose in you.

➧Fourth, smile.
By now you should be in the now, but if you are not it's time to look around watch your surroundings or watch your breath. Just simply become aware of this fact that you are breathing.

Now be aware that probably the thought will gonna rise again. 
When ever it arises just go through the steps. 

After few times facing it, the thought will lose its colour. It becomes colourless. It may be still there but like a cloud without power. Let it be.

Congratulations!  You have let your consciousness permeates more and you used a worry, a pain or a fear as a mean for this permeation.
Thanks for reading 

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