Prisoner I am

I am in a prison, going from one door to another, tapping to each door trying to find a way out. It looks if I only open the door in front of me, I will reach to freedom. I can clearly see the freedom behind the door.

When I finally open the door a new locked one appears out of nowhere.
Thus I am always in the same situation as before, in the middle of the prison and the freedom looks just one door away.

So what? Is there any way out of this prison?

There is no way out, it is impossible to get out of the prison because it's a mind prison, it is designed in this way.  If I stop struggling to open the doors in front of me and be surrendered to what is, the vicious cycle of creating new doors will break.
By surrendering, stop struggling I become aware that even the first locked door is a mind-made one. There is no lock, no door, and no prison. I am already out, free!

The prison is the attempt to get free. In the other words trying to get free is the prison itself. When you stop trying the prison disappears like the thin mist.

When I try to reach to happiness, to freedom, to peace actually I am creating the walls of the prison, but when I stop trying and become surrendered to what is, the walls disappear.



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