Stress is a cause for doing more?

I was talking with a friend, Misagh, he told me I understand your talks about  the thoughts and how they take over us, makes us worry, ruin our days and play with us, but don't you think these thoughts and stresses makes us to put more effort? To do more? Don't you think stress is necessary to move?
Misagh! What is your utmost purpose of all your doings? Is not it reaching to the  happiness and peace?
You are looking for the illusion of the  happiness or the illusion of  peace, somewhere in future. You think if you reach to that point then you will feel good and secure, then everything will be fine and you will taste the peace of mind. Then you try more and you push yourself. You put yourself under pressure. You trade the moment of now, the very imidiate peace of now with the illusion of peace in future.
You can be peaceful now, you can be happy right now but instead you don't see it. You start to gain more, add something to yourself to reach to a point which you think you will be happy there.  But, when you reach there you see it was just an illusion, you may be excited for a short while  then you will look for the happiness in somewhere else in something else.
It's a never ending cycle of going, trying and not reaching.
I don't say don't do what you like, you can be happy now and do what you want to do  with peace and joy.  Instead of struggling and putting yourself under pressure.
Yes, when you are in peace you may put less effort and you may not achieve as much because you are not scared of something the source, the reason for  what you do is not fear! You don't  escape .  You live the moment. Do you think all human advancements which made out of fear made him happier? Human today with all advancements live happier than. Human 1000 years ago?
This is the moment of truth, do you want to feel happy, enjoy, be peaceful, creative or you want to just reach to a point? To an  illusion of peace?
Besides the time you put on your task when you are in peace is more creative and automatically you have higher performance, as you are using your mind not that the mind is  using you. A mind full of repeating thoughts is not creative, it's working like a river of mud not flowing, it is disturbed.


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