Puppet of your mind.

She said: But I want to take my destiny into my own hands, I don't want to be surrendered, I want to change my future. I want to make my own future.

Answer: When you are not surrendered to what it is, you are resisting to what it is, you are not in the moment of now, you are either in the future or the past. Memories of past or illusion of future.
You start to experience an illusional world in the past or future. Both are just thoughts that occur to you. And as you are not aware of those thoughts. You identify with the thought. You become the thought itself. It seems so real that you start to feel it really happens right now. You start to feel all tensions like you are there in the situation.

You are not aware of your surroundings anymore, you start to live an illusional world in your mind. This thought is an entry point of series of unlimited thoughts that they come one after another. They frighten you. They make you worried. Then you like a hypnotised person full of fear, start to show some reactions.

Your reactions are based on your fears. In one sentence you become a puppet, you are played by your mind. You become a slave and your mind plays with you. It scares you and you react. You become sad, you become angry, you may cry and so on. Or you may do something, but even the doings are based on fear.

Indeed in this hypnotised situation, you don't make your own future. You just react to your mind- made worries, you escape from the moment of now. You escape from enjoying, from being.
In the now, there are no worries. All worries are about future or past. Worrying does not have any place in the now. If you don't believe close your eyes and imagine, only imagine there is no future or past, then immediately you see there are no worries.

When you are not living the moment, you don't have peace, you are experiencing a never-ending cycle of fear and worries, constant feeling of unhappiness.
You are not your mind. Mind is a tool, it is like every organ in your body, but it works too much, instead of you using your mind, your mind uses you.
When you are surrendered to what it is, whatever it is, instantly you enter the moment of now, the thoughts are still there but like a cloud that you can observe them. Now you can act based on your interest not based on your fears. You start to live your life instead of being manipulated by your mind.
Now you are the real master of your life, now you are the one who creates your own life based on what you like not just a machine that acts based on fears.


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